Money Advice

We help our tenants to get the most out of their lives by supporting them with money management and developing their skills.

If you’re one of our tenants or a customer of Thirteen Care and Support, you can get free and confidential support and advice from our trained advisors.

Our range of services helps you to claim the benefits you’re entitled to, deal with debt and manage your money. We can help you to:

  • claim the benefits you’re entitled to
  • deal with benefit problems
  • deal with debt problems
  • manage your money and budget for the things you need.

Our team can give you details about things like bank accounts, savings and loans and credit unions.

Universal Credit

You may receive, or think you're eligible to receive Universal Credit.

You should contact us immediately if you make a claim or to get more details about Universal Credit. You'll need internet access and an email address to apply for UC, and you can easily create an email address by visiting one of:

You can also find out more at:

Who we’ve helped

We have helped all sorts of people to make the most of their money. You can read about some of the people we’ve helped with:

Make an appointment

You can arrange an appointment to speak to one of our advisors or just contact us for more information.

Ask for the Money Advice team by: